web designer + software professional


I love design of any kind – buildings, landscapes, nature, household items, gadgets, and websites. Great design feels good; it invites you in and makes you feel welcome. It’s easy and intuitive. When I design a website, I strive for simple, clean, inviting, and intuitive. For over 20 years, I worked on a variety of government and commercial software projects. Some big, some small. Some smart (AI), some loaded (database), and all with a user experience. I was so taken with the look-and-feel of websites, that I went back to school to learn the latest techniques and tools. I recently completed my master’s degree with a specialization in Web Design and Online Communication from the University of Florida.

I am a web designer and a highly experienced software engineer. It’s a wonderful combination!



I work with clients in an iterative process to understand priorities, discuss design options, and then create products for review and refinement. We meet and iterate until we create the website that excites you and exceeds your expectations!

Here’s the basic process:

  • Listen
  • Design
  • Prototype/Develop
  • Review


Please reach me through the Contact page, or send a direct email. I look forward to hearing about your project!